Québec is bursting with talented designers, artisans and producers creating everything from clothing to accessories to toiletries to furniture to craft beer and wine and delicious foods (terroir). Honestly, with a little effort, you could probably stock your kitchen and renew your wardrobe to the point where everything has been created by a Québec artisan or producer. It will take a little effort, but this fabulous Québec-inspired holiday gift guide should help!


A Montréal-based company, Ville-Marie makes candles using organic soy wax and casts each candle by hand. Most of their collection changes each season. Balsam Fir, Lime & Coriander is a personal favourite this holiday season ––Gingerbread & Lemon is pretty good too.

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A candle (bougie ––not the English slang, but the actual French translation) and beard oil company (what a combo!) based in Québec City, Les Lueurs handcrafts their candles using natural soy wax and organic essential oils, and beard oils are made with organic argan oil and organic essential oils. Buy from a selection of boutiques in Québec City and Montréal or online.

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A delightful illustrator from Québec City, Geneviève creates whimsical illustrations which she uses on notebooks, greeting cards, weekly planners and a small selection of art prints. Her holiday cards are beautiful. Check out her Etsy shop to see what’s new!

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Marie-Lise is a talented illustrator based in Québec City specializing in colourful greeting cards and art prints. She also does illustration work for Les Lueurs bougies (one of our favourite Québec candle brands). Check out her current prints and cards in her Etsy shop!

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One of our favourite clothing designers for children, Sans Chichi creates playful and damn adorable clothing from recycled shirts and overalls (love!). Their collections change with the season, so there is always something new and CAF (cute as f*ck) to buy. Let the online shopping begin!

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A fashion design boutique on rue Saint-Joseph Est in Québec City, Swell & Ginger’s designs is clean, simple and fresh. Shop for dresses, shirts or pants, shoes, bags or jewellery. A go-to for beautiful (and comfortable) clothing. Shop in their boutique or online.

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The perfect gift for your bearded guy, Groom is a Montréal-based company that creates men’s grooming products. Find products like moustache wax, beard wash and beard oil (they have one that smells like tobacco and spice). You can find their products in barbershops throughout Canada (USA and France), or buy online.

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A men’s grooming line, Rituels is based in Québec City. Products are made in Québec using natural ingredients and features scents like bergamot, bitter orange, cypress and patchouli (herb from the mint family). Visit their boutique on rue Saint-Joseph Est in the neighbourhood of Saint-Roch or shop online!

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One of our favourite Québec-inspired cookbooks, Made in Québec is written in English (Yay!) and features classic Québécois cuisine. Learn a little about the history of food in Québec while making recipes that are straightforward and delicious.

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Direct from a Québec cranberry bog, La Cannebergerie creates tartilicious (yeah, we made up that word, but it works!) cranberry butter, sauce, jellies and spices made with organic cranberry powder. Give as a gift, or keep for yourself and serve with your holiday dinner. Any choice is a good one.

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Make your sweet tooth (or a loved ones, or both!!) very happy this holiday season with out-of-this-world caramel sauces made by La Lichee. Using a grandmother’s recipe from Îles de la Madeleine, three guys behind La Lichee are among our heroes in Québec. Buy in shops in Québec, or order online!

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Almost as strong as Kraken Rum, Chic Choc is a spiced rum produced in Québec using a blend of Nordic spices like lovage root and wild angelica. Distilled in a pot still, Chic Choc is an amber rum, and oh so yummy. You can find it at SAQ and LCBO.

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