About Us

What is Urban Guides?

Urban Guides is an online magazine in Canada with a focus on travel, local food and culture. Our primary site, Urban Guides features articles and guides on everything from activities to food to shopping to nightlife to sleeping, in several of Canada’s major cities. As the content grows, separate city sites will be created; our first such site is Urban Guide Québec, which highlights the food and culture of Québec City.

City sites that are currently in development for late 2017 include Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver.


What makes Urban Guides different from other city-based websites?

There are a few quality city-based sites floating around the internet, and while they are technically our competition, Urban Guides is set up a little differently.

Travel – Many of the sites we compete with are lifestyle or food-focused, or a little of both. At Urban Guides we share popular things to see and do, as well as hidden local treasures. We encourage our readers to experience each city through the eyes of its locals, as well as fit in some must-see tourist spots. Cheesy tourist activities can be a lot of fun.

Local Food & Culture – There is a lot of yummy food to eat, trendy boutiques and cafes, vibrating nightclubs and bar, and comfy hotels in Canada. It would take years to write about all of them. Thankfully, at Urban Guides we focus only on local artists, artisans, producers and businesses. We are all about quality over quantity.


Why does Urban Guides focus on local businesses?

A city’s locals are its lifeblood, without them, a city would be worthless.

You don’t need an online magazine or guide to tell you about a chain restaurant or hotel, it is relatively easy to find out everything you need to know by doing a basic Google search.

We don’t want to line the pockets of a corporation, we want to support the people who work hard every day to make their business work. Locals who have pursued their passions opened their own business or have chosen to run their family’s business. New Canadians and refugees who have chosen to open a business to help support their family and contribute to the community in which they live.

We love that Canada is home to different ethnicities and cultures, and at Urban Guides we strive to include locals from all walks of life.