First settled by the Recollects in the early 17th century, Saint-Roch started as a small community with a small church dedicated to Saint Roch, the patron saint of dogs and falsely accused people (among others).

By the first half of the 20th century, the neighbourhood of Saint-Roch was first, a shipbuilding hub, then the home to manufacturing, retail and theatre – becoming a popular commercial street in Québec City.

During the last half of the 20th century, many of the middle-class residents were lured to the sparkly new shoppings malls and houses in the suburbs, essentially abandoning the neighbourhood of Saint-Roch.

Within a short period of time, the neighbourhood deteriorated and became one of the worst in the city — until the government decided to set a plan in motion to revitalise the neighbourhood, using culture and education as the anchors of their plan.

Today, Saint-Roch (also known as Nouvo Saint-Roch or New Saint-Roch) is a thriving community filled students, hipsters, and young professionals. Warehouses and old retail spaces have become cafés, breweries, boutiques, and restaurants.


A neighbourhood that is more popular with locals than tourists, there is a limited number of activities in Saint-Roch. That being said, Saint-Roch is one of our go-to neighbourhoods for good food, craft beer, live music and shopping. Visit Saint-Roch and experience the food and craft beer scene through a walking tour or a cooking course. Relax in Jardin Saint-Roch on a warm sunny day. Admire the beautiful décor inside Église Saint-Roch.


Cooking & Wine Classes • 830, rue Saint-Joseph Est • • 418.380.8167

If you’re a food lover and looking for something different to do, try taking a cooking or cocktail class at Ateliers & Saveurs in Saint-Roch. The classes range in price from $24 to $200 CAD. All classes are taught in French – a true adventure!

Wine is an essential part of Québec culture, and the wine tastings at Ateliers & Saveurs is a wonderful way to start your wine experience in the city. Wine tastings are  $60 CAD, if you would like to do a wine and food tasting the cost is $70 CAD.


Beer & Food Tours • 438, rue du Parvis • • 418.554.1233

Relatively new in Québec City, Broue-Tours offers a craft beer tour in Saint-Roch (as well as a food tour in Old Québec). Their craft beer tour makes stops at three micro-breweries in Saint-Roch, starting with Noctem Artisans Brasseurs (the tour meeting point, address listed above). Discover some of Québec City’s best craft beers.


Church • 160, rue Saint-Joseph Est

Known as the largest cathedral (church) in Québec City, Église Saint-Roch (it has been built, and rebuilt three times since 1811) is the heart of Nouvo Saint-Roch. Designed by the same architects as the Saint-Anne-de-Beaupré Basilica (located in Côte-de-Beaupré), the outside of the basilica is Gothic-Revival in style, while the inside is Romanesque-Revival.


Park • rue du Parvis

A beautiful urban park located on rue du Parvis, near Boulevard Charest, Jardin Saint-Roch features a small waterfall, busts of three Québec painters: René Richard, Alfred Pellan and Horatio Walker; as well as 36 bronze sculptures created André du Bois and architectural firm Côte Leahy Cardas.


Food Tours • 75, boulevard Charest Est • • 418.431.0195

The neighbourhood of Saint-Roch is bursting with delicious food: bistros and micro-restaurants, fromageries, and chocolatiers. Start your Saint-Roch foodie experience with a 3-hour walking tour which includes at least six stops — not all of them are food, there are some opportunities for sipping tea or a cold craft beer along the way. Cost: $50 per adult.



The neighbourhood of Saint-Roch has a strong food scene: cafés, bistros, micro-restaurants, fromageries and boucheries. A local neighbourhood (not many tourists venture outside the old city walls), Saint-Roch has everything one could possibly need.

If you’re staying in an apartment rental and plan to cook your own meals, Saint-Roch has a épiceries (small food shops), grocery stores, ethnic food shops, fromageries (cheese shops), boulangeries (bakeries), pâtisseries (pastry shops), boucherie (butcher) and more. My favourites of which are listed below.

Saint-Roch is also home to some lovely locally owned cafés, bistros and micro-restaurants.


Middle Eastern Food Shop • 627, boulevard Charest Est • 418.522.2828 • Open: Tues-Fri 10 am – 7 pm, Sat-Mon 10 am – 6 pm

A épicerie and ethnic food shop that specializes in Halal meat (there is a Halal butcher onsite) and specializes in Middle Eastern products and ingredients. The shop also carries a wide range of gluten-free products.


Butcher • 241, rue Saint-Joseph Est • 418.524.4907 • Open: Tues & Wed 10 am – 6 pm, Thurs & Fri 10 am – 7 pm, Sat & Sun 10 am – 5 pm

Specializing in Black Angus beef, Boucherie Eumatimi sells local products that are hormone and antibiotic-free. Meats include pig, lamb, milk-fed veal, poultry and waterfowl.


Épicerie • 293, rue Saint-Joseph Est • 418.529.2226

A typical épicerie carrying snacks, canned goods, beer and more. Most épiceries are corner stores and a little pricier than going to a grocery store. Some will sell burgers or sandwiches as well.


East Indian Food Shop • 34, rue Saint-Joseph Est • • 418.266.7299

A épicerie specialising in products and ingredients from India, Bangladesh and Nepal. So many good finds for cooking scrumptious ethnic foods at home.


Grilled Cheese & Cheese Shop • 199, rue Saint-Joseph Est • 581.742.4866

A fromagerie and grilled cheese restaurant across from Le Clocher Penché, Fromagerie des Grondines & ses amis sells some of the BEST Québec-made cheeses. And if buying cheese to enjoy on a picnic is not enough, then stay and enjoy a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich. You will not regret your decision.


Small Grocery Shop • 272, rue Saint-Joseph Est • • 418.522.4447 • Open daily: 7 am – 11 pm

A great little grocery store in Saint-Roch carrying fresh fruit and vegetables, canned goods, frozen foods, and Presidents Choice products.


Bakery • 289, rue Saint-Joseph Est • • 418.647.3666

A boulangerie, café and gourmet sandwich shop, La Boîte à Pain uses organic flours, but no additives or chemicals. On top of delicious artisanal bread and gourmet sandwiches, La Boîte à Pain also makes delightful pastries.


Pâtisserie • 225, rue Saint-Joseph Est • 418.523.9009 • Open: Tues-Sat 7 am – 6:30 pm, Sun 7 am – 5 pm

A boulangerie and pâtisserie, Le Croquembouche is a go-to spot for delicious pastries and macarons. Freshly baked bread, croissants and chocolates are also available, and fairly good.


Latin American Food Shop • 101 rue, Saint-Joseph Est • 418.522.4675

A épicerie specialising in Latin American products and ingredients, Marché Exotique la Fiesta has been a part of the Saint-Roch community since 1992.


Café • 181, rue Saint-Vallier Est • • 418.523.0700 • Open Mon-Fri 7 am – 1 am, Sat 9 am – 1 am, Sun 9 am – 12 am

During the day, the café is relaxed and quiet, a perfect spot for getting some work done while enjoying artisanal coffee (hot or cold) or a cup of chocolat chaud (hot chocolate). A perfect temporary workspace. In the evening Mælstrøm’s vibe changes as locals arrive to enjoy draft beer or cocktails — some made with cold brew coffee.


Café • 433, rue Saint-Joseph Est • • 418.522.4888 • Open Mon-Fri 8 a.m. – 9 p.m., Sat & Sun 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

A café specialising in tea, Café Pékoe also serves coffee, pastries, and Bahn mì style sandwiches — the only thing Vietnamese about them are the pickled carrots and fresh baguette bread. Enjoy a pot of tea while sitting along the windows overlooking rue Saint-Joseph Est, or do a little work at a communal table.


Café-Pub • 585, boulevard Charest Est • • 418.263.5389

A funky café-bar with seating on the main level, as well as a loft above, it is easy to walk past La Revanche without noticing it. During the day, the café is quiet and a good place to relax and do a little work. In the evening, La Revanche becomes rowdy as space is filled with those watching sports or playing board games (which are also sold at the café).


Café • 375, rue Saint-Joseph Est •

A local café chain, Les Bruleries has five locations within the city, with the Saint-Roch location being the first. Located across from Gabrielle-Roy library, Les Brûleries Saint-Roch has three floors, a wide arrange of coffees from around the world, as well as house blends. The café menu is small but good. A nice place to relax or do a little work.


Café • 235, rue Saint-Joseph Est • • 418.977.9236

Open since 2009, Nektar is a popular café with digital nomads and students filing almost every table, sipping coffee or tea as they peck away on their laptops. Nektar carries coffee blends from Québec, as well as select blends from around Canada, and serves up yummy teas and pastries as well.


Café • $ • 849, rue Saint-Joseph Est • • 581.300.7211 • Open Mon-Wed 7 a.m. – 9 p.m., Thurs & Fri 7 a.m. – 10 p.m., Sat & Sun 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.

A new addition to Québec City, Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur hails from Montréal and has quickly become a favourite hang-out and workspace among locals in Québec City. The speciality here is coffee (they sell their own roasts), as well as light lunches, and delicious gourmet doughnuts.


Québécois • $$ • 46, rue Saint-Joseph Est • 418.529.9020

One of a handful of micro-restaurants in Québec City, l’Affaire est Ketchup is a popular spot among locals. The menu changes frequently and each dish is carefully crafted and affordably priced. This is not a place to go if you are rushing through your meal, this is where you come to truly savour your food and the ambience of the surrounding space.


Bistro & Bar • $$-$$$ • 228, rue Saint-Joseph Est • • 418.948.8648

The music centre of Québec City, Le Cercle is a bistro, wine bar, and nightclub. A delicious gourmet menu presented for lunch and dinner, local art on the walls, and hipsters working away on their laptops. At night Le Cercle offers a more sophisticated menu. The nightclub can be found on the main level, with live shows and dancing. In the basement is a more intimate venue for indie bands.


French • $$-$$$ • 203, rue Saint-Joseph Est •  • 418.640.0597 • Open: Mon-Fri 11:30 am – 2 pm & 5 pm – 10 pm, Sat 9 am – 2 pm & 5 pm – 10 pm, Sun 9 am – 2 pm

Owned by brothers Thomas and François Pélissier and chef Mathieu Brisson, Le Clocher Penché is one of the most popular bistros in Saint-Roch. The menu features dishes made with fresh locally sourced ingredients and changes often. Lunch is prix fixe, while dinner is a little more sophisticated. Brunch is an absolute must.


Italian • $$ • 205, rue Saint-Vallier Est • • 418.523.3387

It’s a bistro and a bar, and when the sun goes down and the DJ takes over the entire space has a vibrant kitchen party vibe. The design is retro and the food is homemade, simple and delicious. La Cuisine is like giving yourself a big comforting hug.


Clothing & Taco Bar • $ • 222, rue Saint-Joseph Est • • 581.742.5222 • Open: Mon-Sun 11 am – 3 am

A clothing boutique, a bar, and a Mexican restaurant, Deux22 is a unique business concept in Québec City. Shopping for clothing and eating tacos is the new cool thing to do. Who’s up for some utterly delicious tacos?


Japanese • $ • 383, rue du Pont • • 418.614.5052

Fanamanga is a Japanese resto-boutique that serves up Onigiri and Bubble Tea. The boutique, which surrounds the eating bar, sells everything from Manga to Korean cosmetics to Japanese knick-knacks. Oh, and they also have a Tokyo style karaoke booth.


Grilled Cheese & Cheese Shop • 199, rue Saint-Joseph Est • 581.742.4866

A fromagerie and grilled cheese restaurant across from Le Clocher Penché, Fromagerie des Grondines & ses amis sells some of the BEST Québec-made cheeses. And if buying cheese to enjoy on a picnic is not enough, then stay and enjoy a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich. You will not regret your decision.


Pizza • $-$$ • 410, rue Saint-Anselme • • 581.742.2012

Opened in 2014, Nina Pizza Napolitaine was a hit the moment their first customer took a bit of their pizza. The oven was imported from Sicily, space is bright with lots of seating, and the pizza is the best in the city.


Vegan, Vegetarian & Gluten Free • 241, rue Saint-Joseph Est • • 581.742.9742

A new healthy restaurant in Québec City, Ness serves up vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free foods. Stop by for a healthy lunch or grab a delicious smoothie to go and continue exploring Saint-Roch.


Smoked Meat • $ • 275, rue Saint-Vallier Est • • 418.523.4545

Resting on the outskirts of Saint-Roch, a few blocks from Café Mæalstrøm and La Cuisine, Phil Smoke Meat serves up insanely delicious smoked meat sandwiches. One cannot spend time in Québec without trying a smoked meat sandwich!


Ramen • $ • 75, rue Saint-Joseph Est • • 418.780.1903 • Open: Tues – Fri 11:30 am – 2 pm and 5 pm – 10 pm, Sat 5 pm – 10 pm

A casual little Japanese restaurant serving up delicious gyoza, ramen, and other small plates Tora-Ya Ramen is all about Asian comfort food — and the best part? Everything is homemade.



Saint-Roch is one of our go-to neighbourhoods in Québec City for shopping. Why go to a shopping mall when there are so many fabulous boutiques along rue Saint-Joseph. Shop for vintage records or furniture, clothing, books, music, toys and more.


Instrument repair & Gypsy Guitars • 870, rue du Roi, #202-A 

A shop featuring instruments made by artisans in Québec City, as well as a repair shop, Atelier de Lutherie Moustache also makes instruments of their own: gypsy guitars and Irish bouzouki.


Toys • 500, boulevard Charest Est • • 418.640.0001 • Open: Mon-Wed 10 am – 5 pm, Thurs & Fri 10 am – 9 pm, Sat & Sun 9:30 am – 5 pm

One of the largest toy stores in Québec City, Benjo carries thousands of toys. It’s easy to spend a few hours inside, shopping, dreaming and playing.


Chocolatier • 783, rue Saint-Joseph Est • • 418.522.0708

Small boutique chocolatier and pâtisserie, Champagne Chocolatier has been making chocolates for over 15 years. Let’s face it, everyone needs a little chocolate treat when they are out exploring.


Musical Instruments & Gear • 701, rue Saint-Joseph Est • • 418.522.4784

One of two branches in Québec City, Denis Musique carries a wide variety of musical instruments, as well as amplifiers, sound systems and microphones. They also sell used instruments and equipment.


Vintage Furniture • 834, rue Saint-Joseph Est • • 418.914.2483

A delightful recycled furniture store, Déja Vu is one of the best places for brightly coloured retro furniture pieces (circa 1930-1980) and knick-knacks in Québec City. New pieces arrive on a regular basis, so it is best to buy a piece you love the moment you see it as it could be gone the following morning.


Clothing & Taco Bar • 222, rue Saint-Joseph Est • • 581.742.5222 • Open: Mon-Sun 11 am – 3 am

A clothing boutique, a bar, and a Mexican restaurant, Deux22 is a unique business concept in Québec City. Time to do a little shopping and eat a few tacos along the way.


Fashion • 260, rue Saint-Joseph Est • • 418.529.9620

A shop specializing in skate gear and clothing for men, women and youth, EXO also carries CDs and Vinyl. One of the only skate shops to be found in downtown Québec City!


Fashion • 708, rue Saint-Joseph Est • • 418.808.2562

A fashion boutique featuring clothing made in Québec City (Kolchic) as well as Montréal and across Canada. Prices are quite reasonable.


Barbershop • 461, rue Saint-Joseph Est • • 581.981.5796

A trendy barbershop with bearded master barbers, Krwn has three locations: Saint-Roch, Ste-Foy and Lévis (where the shop is a barber and tattoo shop). The owner, Max the barber, travels around the Americas in search of new techniques, which he then teaches to his staff. One of the best barbershops in Québec City.


Vintage Records & Tapes • 832, rue Saint-Joseph Est • 581.742.7625

A funky little record shop close to Café Saint-Henri torrèfacteur, Le Knock-Out is where music lovers go to buy hard to find records, EPs and cassettes. The shop is small, but there is enough room at the back for a small stage for musical performances by local artists.


Books • 286, rue Saint-Joseph Est • 418.692.1175

One of two locations in Québec City, Librairie Pantoute carries a wide selection of French language books, as well as journals and a very small selection of English language books. A great shop for hard-to-find books on Québec, as well as books written by Québec authors.


Body Care for Men • 765, rue Saint-Joseph Est • • 418.800.2277

This boutique sells shaving, personal care products and accessories for men, and is a favourite among hipsters, wannabe lumberjacks and fine gentlemen who take pride in their appearance. Several of the brands sold at Rituels are made in Québec, including Rituels, Savonnerie des Diligences and  Les Pétards.


Fashion • Église Saint-Roch, 560, rue Saint-Joseph Est • 418.648.9976

Located in a portion of the basement of Église Saint-Roch, Signatures Québécois is one of the trendiest fashion boutiques in Québec City. This lovely boutique features clothing by Québec designers.


Fashion • 765 A, rue Saint-Joseph Est • 581.742.7080

A trendy fashion boutique geared towards millennials, Swell & Ginger’s clothing line features pieces that are clean, simple, comfortable and stylish. The boutique also carries purses and bags from Lowell Montréal, as well as a selection of delightful accessories.


Saint-Roch is one of the go-to neighbourhoods for craft beer lovers, as well as those who enjoy concerts, indie bands, and Québécois music.


Nightclub • 240, rue Saint-Joseph Est • • 418.717.0240

A popular venue during Festival d’été de Québec each summer, District Saint-Joseph now features similar performances every Thursday night. As well as being a live music venue, District offers a menu featuring bourbon and various cuts of smoked and cooked meats.


Pub • $ • 824, boulevard Charest Est • • 418.523.3674

A large pub and restaurant near Chez Ashton, Edward Pub & Restaurant is a beer lover’s dream come true — they claim to have 250 different beers from around the world. While you sip your beer, try one of their burgers. You will not be disappointed.


Microbrewery • $-$$ • 380, rue Dorchester • • 418.614.0932 • Open: Sun – Thurs 11:30 am – 1 am, Sat 5 pm – 10 pm

A local hotspot in Saint-Roch, La Korrigane Brasserie Artisanale brews half a dozen different beers using ingredients grown in Québec. This homey brew-pub has two different rooms where you can enjoy beer, dine on delicious comfort food, listen to live music and play games.


Microbrewery • $-$$ • 310, rue Saint-Roch • • 418.522.4373 • Open daily 12 pm – 1 am

Located on the outskirts of Saint-Roch, La Barberie is out of the way for those who do not have a vehicle, or who are unsure of where they are going. That being said, La Barberie is a Québec institution and worth a visit. Go for a beer while you’re exploring the neighbourhood or spending an evening tasting all of the beers brewed at La Barberie.


Bar • $ • 296, rue Saint-Joseph Est • • 418.914.6161

A go-to spot in Saint-Roch for those on a tight budget, Le Bureau de Poste is committed to serving $4.95 small plates and affordable cocktails and beers. 


Bistro & Bar • $$-$$$ • 228, rue Saint-Joseph Est • • 418.948.8648

The music centre of Québec City, Le Cercle is a bistro, wine bar, and nightclub. The nightclub can be found on the main level, with live shows and dancing. In the basement is a more intimate venue for indie bands.


Microbrewery • $-$$ • 438, rue du Parvis • • 581.742.7979 • Open: Mon – Sat 11 am – 3 am, Sun 11 am – 12 am

Noctem serves several beers which are brewed in-house, as well as a small selection of beers crafted at other micro-breweries in Québec. Similar to La Korrigane Brasserie Artisanale, the menu at Noctem offers delicious comfort foods in petite faim and grosse faim sizes (hungry and bigger hunger).


Sports Pub • $ • 481, rue Saint-Joseph Est • • 418.524.0812

A pub along rue Saint-Joseph Est which serves your typical pub fare: burgers, fish n’ chips, pizza, pasta, etc. The food is good, but Pub du Parvis is more known as one of the best sports bars in Saint-Roch. They also serve up killer chicken wings.


Théâtre • 315, rue Saint-Joseph Est • • 418.694.9721

A charming théâtre, La Bordée is home to musical performances, contemporary dramas, and the Québec City Film Festival. There is always something happening at La Bordée, and while all performances are in French, it is still worth going.



While Saint-Roch is not a tourist hot-spot in Québec City, there are a few wonderful hotels to choose from – especially if you’re looking to escape the crowds!


Hotel • $$ • 295, rue Saint Vallier Est • • 418.523.5000

A delightful boutique hotel, owners Sonia and Antonio have created an urban chic hotel that is one of the highlights of Saint-Roch. The rooms at Hotel Le Vincent feature exposed red brick walls, comfy beds and showers with rain shower heads. A lovely escape after a full day of exploration.

Compare prices:


Hotel • $$-$$$$ • 360, boulevard Charest Est • • 418.521.4488

This family-owned boutique hotel, Hotel Royal William, an Ascend Hotel Collection Member is named after a steamship of a similar name built in 1833 by the Québec and Halifax Steam Navigation Company. A great choice for business travellers, families, and those looking for a hotel in a quiet corner of the city.

Compare prices:

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