Light streams through the floor to ceiling windows, the air smells of perfectly roasted coffee and freshly baked artisanal doughnuts: white walls and blonde wood counters and tables, and a clean and linear design add to Café Saint-Henri’s light refreshing vibe.

Located on rue St-Joseph Est, in Québec City’s Saint-Roch neighbourhood, Café Saint-Henri mico-torréfacteur is already a favourite among Québec locals.

Coffee. Chocolat Chaud. Artisanal Donuts. Twice-baked Croissants. Free wifi. 

It is hard not to fall in love.

Ground coffee from Café Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur in Québec City

Grabbing a coffee at Café Saint-Henri mirco-torréfacteur in Québec City

A peek inside Café Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur in Québec City

A café company from Montréal, Café Saint-Henri is a lovely addition to Saint-Roch. And to the city of Québec.

The owner, Jean-François Leduc, takes coffee very seriously. We would not be surprised if he has coffee running through his veins instead of blood!

At Café Saint-Henri, Leduc has chosen to utilise the Third Wave coffee movement.

Treated similar to that of fine wine, Third Wave coffee beans are carefully planted, selected, and roasted to perfection with emphasis placed on flavour and aroma.

Think of Third Wave coffee as “micro-roasted coffee“. Yes, we made that term up, but in essence, the Third Wave coffee movement is very similar to microbrew/craft beer – small batch coffee that is carefully and lovingly produced.

In a nutshell, coffee at Café Saint-Henri is serious business.

Coffee roaster at Café Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur in Québec City

Working from Café Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur

Café and chocolat chaud from Café Saint-Henri in Québec City

As much as we enjoy working at the Urban Guides headquarters, we also love roaming around Québec City and working from the various cafés our city has to offer. And, as you may have guessed, Café Saint-Henri is one of our favourite choices.

The café opens early and closes late. The staff are friendly. The coffee and chocolat chaud (we have a chocolat chaud addiction) are divine. The croissants and Sumo artisanal donuts make our hips grow with every sumptuous bite.

Café Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur

849 Rue Saint-Joseph Est, Québec, QC G1K 3C8



Open: Mon – Wed 7am to 9pm, Thurs – Fri 7am to 10pm, Sat – Sun 8am to 9pm