Finding a delicious piece of pie in Québec City is not as hard as one might think, you just need to know where to look — our first choice in the city is Nina Pizza Napolitaine in Saint-Roch.

Established in 2014 in the former Le Grain de riz (an Asian fusion restaurant which closed its doors in 2012), on rue Saint-Anselme — a quiet street in Québec’s Saint-Roch neighbourhood — Nina Pizza Napolitaine serves up slices of gourmet Neapolitan-style pizza that will have you wondering if you’re in Québec City, or savouring a slice on the streets of Naples, Italy.

Enjoying an Italian-inspired lunch at Nina Pizza Napolitaine

A counter with views of the wood-fire pizza over at Nina Pizza Napolitaine


Communal dining at Nina Pizza Napolitaine in Saint-Roch

Wood for the pizza oven is used as decor accents at Nina Pizza Napoltaine in Saint-Roch

Old school chairs and handcrafted tables at Nina Pizza Napoltaine

Owners, Penelope Lachapelle and Lucie Nadeau (both of whom worked at Lapin Sauté in Petit-Champlain), interned with pizzaiolo Roberto Caporuscio in New York City, and raised money through Beehive, a crowdfunding platform popular among Québecers, to open the pizzeria.

Their oven, is a 2.5-ton wood-fired oven imported directly from Naples, can reach temperatures of 900 degrees, and cooks a pizza in roughly 90 seconds.

Prosciutto e Rucola pizza from @ninapizzanapolitaine in Québec’s Saint-Roch neighbourhood. #quebecregion #foodporn

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Creating a pizza that tastes like Italy, Penelope and Lucie import their flour, as well as their tomatoes. The rest of the ingredients used are locally sourced, when possible: sausages come William J Walter a sausage maker with a shop not far from Nina Pizza Napolitaine and produce from local farms when in season.

The restaurant decor features gleaming white walls, tables made with wood sourced by Lucie’s father in Gaspé and stained by Penelope and Lucie using coffee grounds from Nektar (a local coffee shop not far from the pizzeria), old schoolhouse chairs, and stacks of chopped wood used to feed the wood-fired oven. Customers have three dining areas to choose from, or they can opt for takeaway.

On Menu

Naturally, pizza is the main dish on offer. The menu at Nina Pizza Napolitaine features common pizzas like Margherita and Funghi, as well as delightful creations like Piselli e Pancetta: peas, pancetta bacon, fresh mozzarella, mint, mascarpone, lemon olive oil. Pizzas range in price from $11.50 to $22.

The menu also features crisp flavourful salads, burrata (our personal fav), crostini, charcuterie, and cheese boards.

Eat at Nina Pizza Napolitaine

410, rue Saint-Anselme • Québec City, Québec • G1K 5T2 • 581.742.2012

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