Located in the eclectic neighbourhood of Kensington Market, Kid Icarus is a charming stationery shop and print studio on Augusta Avenue that will have your bank card itching to be tapped.

Originally located on Nassau Street, Kid Icarus has been a part of Kensington Market since June 2007. When you step inside Kid Icarus it is a charming stationery and gift shop; with rows of handmade and letter-press cards ($5–$8), and a variety of items made by local artisans (ceramic pins and leather pouches and notebooks and crocheted cacti!).

The main draw, however, is the custom-made prints found along the wall on the right side of the shop. Owners, Michael Viglione and Bianca Bickmore, are well known for their custom-made posters, which are used at festivals and events, and in private homes across the city. Posters range in price from $25–$40, however, some festival and event posters can be as much as $100 (Kid Icarus offers custom framing, which we highly recommend).

In the back-end of the shop, past the cashier, you’ll spot a screen printing press, shelves filled with high-quality papers, and colourful inks. The further back you go, you’ll find more printing and paper and ink and possibly little printing fairies as well. Naturally, only the staff see this part of the shop, that is, unless, you have signed up for one of the screen printing workshops offered at Kid Icarus.


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