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Granville Island

One of my favourite places in Vancouver, and has been for the last 8 years or so. In fact, it is my go-to spot as soon as I arrive. Sure, the island attracts tourists, but that is not why I go. I go because the... Read More...
48 Hours in Vancouver

48 Hours in Vancouver

Vancouver is one of our favourite cities in Canada, it has everything one could possibly need: the ocean, mountains, a laidback lifestyle, good food, a lot of cafés, and great shopping. While we highly recommend staying in Vancouver for a least a week, here ar... Read More...
A Day in Vancouver's Chinatown

A Day in Vancouver’s Chinatown

My time in Vancouver is short, one full day to be exact, so I decided to spend my day in one neighbourhood, Chinatown. An interesting choice, right? I mean, how could I, or anyone else for that matter, spend an... Read More...